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About Us


About Us

An international student from Beijing, China, Sally Liu came to Oklahoma to study aviation science at Oklahoma State University. During her course, she increasingly longed for the cuisine of her home country but was distressed to find no authentic options around her. She was not alone. She therefore began learning to cook genuine Chinese dishes for herself, her family, and her friends. Providing fare from regions all over China, Mandarin Taste stands as the culmination of all her efforts. Sally regularly returns to China to refine her culinary art and add exciting new flavors and offerings to her menu.


Our Specialty

Szechuan cuisine and Szechuan Hot Pot become very popular and started to spread out all over China back in early 90s. Mandarin Taste is specialized in authentic Szechuan and Szechuan Hot Pot. Our perfessional well trained chefs cook and season our entrees accordingly right at the spot with totally up to 30+ herbs and spices. 

Our proud: Made from scratch, Fresh ingredients, Authentic and Unique flavors, and constant innovation


Szechuan Hot Pot

Definition: it can be simply defined as "spicy broth of fondue"

How it works:  people order different kind of raw meat (beef, lamb, pork or chicken), seafood, vegetables, mushrooms, Tofu, and noodles, cook in the broth and eat with dipping sauce if needed. 

Good for: A group of friends and family hang out

Eating size: 6-7 people per Pot

Catering Menu

Eat healthy, Fresh and Authentic!

Need to know


Good Deals!

  1. Monday special: Chicken Fried Rice dinner size only $4.95
  2. Tuesday speical: Authentic Pineapple Sweet and Sour Chicken only $4.95
  3. Wednesday special: Ma Po To Fu only $4.95

with purchase of other dishes; good for eat here, called in order (not include online orders) for pick up or delivery



Round Cakes: fresh fruit cakes cost extra $5 more 

6" round Cake: 5-7 people $20

8" round Cake: 10-12 people $36

9" round Cake: 12-15 people $42

10” round Cake: 18-20 people $50

Square Cakes: fresh fruit cakes cost extra $5 more

10”x10”: 35 people $70

12”x12”: 45 people $100

Stacked round cakes:

6”/8” 22people $80

6”/9” 28 people $95

6”/10” 33people $105

Stacked Square Cakes:

6”/10” 40 people $145

8”/12” 65 people $190

Engagement Cakes:

10" square cake: 35 people $98

12" square cake: 45 people $115

Crepe Cakes: Vanilla, Macha, Chocolate, Oreo

8" Fruite Vanilla: $55

9" Fruite Vanilla: $65

8" Fruite Macha, Chocolate, Oreo: $58

9" Fruite Macha, Chocolate, Oreo: $68


Coupons (pick up only, one coupon per time)

  1. FREE  Szechuan Ma Po To Fu with purchase of $40
  2. $3 OFF with cash payment of purchase above $35


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用 PayPal 或借记卡/贷记卡

Purchase $25 for $30 

purchase $50 for $60


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